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InSilio's offer is structured around the following products and services:

Customer Benefits

An open technology, innovating and evolutive products

The solutions and equipment proposed by InSilio are developed around the smart card technology, wich advantages in terms of intelligence, interoperability, ergonomics and security compared to others are today acknowledged by both customers and end-users. This technology brings the promise of a complete offer that can fit every final requirement, and qualified as far as packaging and industrial conception process are concerned.

In particular, the RFID (contactless) technology used by InSilio allows to implement open and interoperable applications, be it within a network or in a standalone mode.

An access to the multi-services world

The contactless technology and its interoperabily features not only help local communities and harbour directors simplify logical/physical access control management and payment of the services. They are also instrumental in developing high quality and value added services by opening and giving end-users of these environments an access to a multi-application world through a single portable object: the smart card.

A technical and financial engineering approach

Business engineers at InSilio are specialized by market. They naturally take in charge the complete offer and assist our customers in defining the economic model to be chosen by proposing, for example, consulting services or 3D technical simulations of the infrastrucure to be integrated.

Of course, they are also able to assess and take into account every type of risk (organizational, technological, legal, and financial) for the customers.

A reactive support task force

InSilio leans on its wide partner network to offer a fast and efficient support service: hotline (level 1), maintenance (level 2), integration, implementation. All developments are always under tight control because they are those of our partners, which then provide level 3 support (R&D).

A constant care for the protection of our environment

All products and solutions proposed by InSilio are always conceived with the protection of our environment in mind. They are designed to fit in every sustained development plan set up by our customers to save and protect energies and resources, especially water.

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