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Harbours and Marinas

Harbours and marinas are magical places, full of life.

They are instrumental in developing tourist attraction, animation and commercial functions of littoral, river and lakeside resorts, even in the low season. Visits from land tourists in public and animations areas of the ports are often greatly superior in number than those from the sea. Thus, frequentation of these sites by non sailing/yachting people is incessantly growing.

Beyond tourist activity, the harbours and marinas are also "urban components" generating profits. Their management can look similar to the management of an hotel, where every profile must be taken into account. However, the lack of available places imposes on sites managers an awkward positioning between being a "floating caravans' park" manager or a seafarer at seafarers service.

As a component of the urban community, the harbour or the marina must also be a strong tool for local development. Not everything depends on its capacity. Loads of effects are induced by the quality of the site, the urban integration and by the possibilities given to professionals to work in a good environment. The harbour or marina card must evolve toward a "pass-port" open to everyday life uses and activities like transport, sport, cultural and educational facilities. It must offer saving of time and simplification thanks to the dematerialization of the currency and to the improvement of the comfort of use rising from the unification of the supports.

InSilio's main mission is to accompany all projects of infrastructure development requiring an urbanistic, technical, economical and careful environmental approach, this latter being a key stake because it is the one of sustainable development and long-term protection of coastal resources and environment.


Smart water/power distribution pedestals

The automation system integrated in InSilio's pedestals aims at water and power distribution monitoring, and thus leads to an easier cost control management by the port and the end-user. Every point of distribution is subjected to the control of the smart card (except in By-pass mode) which authorizes payment or not, just like a real purse.

The integration of the electronics and if need be of the metering systems in our manufacturing partners' pedestals is planned since the very beginning of each product development process, particularly at the conception step. The final product is then tested in several climatic environments in order to insure the robustness and reliability of the global offer.

What's more, the antenna can be put in a remote place for special configurations if need be. The system is able to manage any type of visualization display unit and several languages.

Many possibilities of "association" are possible: one point with one card (private plug), free usage for one point only, one end-user with one particular equipment etc. The pedestal can also be programmed with a portable device like a Bluetooth PDA.

There are many detection modes available:

  • time detection with or without consumption detection. When on default mode, the system only counts time without detecting consumption. As an option, the system is able to detect (and not to measure) consumption and thus will debit the card e-purse only when there's a real consumption.
  • real consumption detection (for electricity and/or water): in these modes the system will actually measure the real unit consumption (m3, l, Kw/h) on the pedestal and will then debit the card accordingly

Sanitary facilities and pump out systems

Main pollutions are caused by the exploitation and maintenance of the port as well as by end-users practices.

90 % of the boats in marinas and harbours are less than 15m long and only bigger boats are equipped with toilet systems or holding tanks.

The insufficient number of shower and toilet systems, their location often too far from the berths, their careless maintenance and limited opening hours are so many brakes to a sound management of pollutions. Solutions developed by InSilio increase the level of service and brand image of the harbour or marina by offering a secure and reserved access to its users only, thus assuring warm water as well as hygiene and cleanness of the premises.

Moreover, as far as the on-board effluent evacuation management problem is concerned, InSilio, together with its partners, offers pontoon or quayside mounted pump-out equipments that can be associated with a smart card based rewarding program to encourage people use the system. The efficiency of any holding tank equipment process is indeed strongly linked to the progressive installation of pumping-out systems in our harbours and marinas.

Access control

Not only is the smart card able to manage severall e-purses, but it is also able to manage access control to every possible area according to the requirements of the marina management: sanitary facilities, pontoons, car parks, yacht sailing or diving clubs, careenage area, harbour office, restaurants, reserved areas (téléphone, fax…), maintenance or security buildings, you name it.

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