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Campsites and Caravan Parks

Holidays and leisure activities are today an integral part of our western way of life and the global lowering of the duration of the working time in Europe will give people even more en more time for short off-season holidays. As tourism has become just like any other consumer good, the market offer has progressively turned and structured itself into a wide catalogue of totally reliable and ready-to-go products.

Faced with a diversified and overabundant offer, the customer is more and more choosing the products with the easiest access to and requiring simplicity of use while providing the utmost comfort and security levels.

European regulations impose on tour operators and on every player of the travelling and leisure industry to provide to their customers a precise and guaranteed description of the sold products and services. This thus implies imperatively putting normalized and certified products in place.

A new level of comfort is mandatory for lodgings that were traditionally used in summer and which must develop today to be able to welcome tourists even out of season. It is in particular the case of the camp-sites with the development of lodgings country cottages and mobile-homes.

Parking of the motor homes is often problematic for communities or in protected tourist zones. The proliferation of the motor homes in summer or even winter season can pose some problems of living together. Moreover, the legislation in force prohibits any unpacking on the public highway (in particular for the meals) and regulates the parking strictly.

It is thus imperative to differentiate the "tourism" product to make it incomparable. The local or regional authenticity must be now found in installations and in the services.


A world of services for "nomadic" population comparable with those proposed for the harbours and marinas environment.


The solutions developed by InSilio propose, among others, safety features thanks to the smart card (or other support) visual.

  • the smart card makes it possible to carry a loyalty application (discotheque, bar, ...), as a "collar of balls" for the clubs, as well as physical and logical access control features (for swimming pool access, club, Internet, games, ...)
  • toilets and showers premises access control.

Caravan ad motor home parks

  • night, passing or long-stay pedestals with lighting
  • effluents draining pavement
  • smart water/power distribution pedestals
  • interactive terminals with internet access and e-wallet reloading with banking card (EMV)
  • sanitation installations, various dustbins, containers, systems of cleaning
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